Swinton Harrison (1902-1984)

This genealogical website relates to Swinton Harrison of Warwickshire and his known and probable ancestors as researched by:

John Harrison (his son) and

Nick Harrison (his grandson)

Swinton Harrison was brought up by his aunt, Bertha Shelton nee Harrison, at Beausale, Warwickshire. He was born on 18 August 1902 at Sparkhill, Yardley in Birmingham to Amy Harrison (Bertha's younger sister) but no father's name was stated on his birth certificate.

Swinton & Kathleen Harrison

Ever since we began researching the Harrison family we knew that the 1901 Census was probably going to be our best chance of discovering the reason for the unusual Christian name of Swinton - and so it did!

In 1901 Amy Harrison (aged 25) was living in as a housekeeper for Henry Jackson, a Solicitor and Clerk to the Justices at the Lodge, Great Alne, Warwickshire, just a few miles down the road from her birthplace at Bearley. Also living at the Lodge was Henry's son, Henry Swinton Jackson, a 42-year old Wine Agent. Within a year Amy gave birth to a son and chose to name him Swinton Harrison. Was his Christian name taken from his father's middle name? If so, Swinton's probable paternal ancestors were the Jackson, Todd, Swinton and Gilpin families. John and Nick would be very pleased to hear from any descendants of these families.

There are gaps in our family trees that we would very much like to fill, for example:

  • What happened to Henry Swinton Jackson after his mother's death in 1914?
  • Were there any descendants of the Jackson family: Henry Swinton Jackson; Esther Amy Jackson; Frederick Gilpin Jackson; Edith Mary Jackson; and Norman Elphinstone Jackson?
  • Who was the father of Isabella Swinton Todd and what was her relationship to the Swinton family of Berwickshire?
  • What was the reason for the inclusion of Elphinstone in several Gilpin, Todd and Jackson names?
  • What was the relationship of Major General Samuel Swinton to Elizabeth Todd, Isabella Swinton Todd and Duncan Elphinstone Todd?

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